Otomo Yoshihide - Piano Solo ROKU008


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Recorded live at Cafe OTO in March 2009 during Otomo Yoshihide's first residency here. This was one of only a handful of solo piano performances Otomo has given where he uses the instrument as a control matrix for harmonically rich feedback tones and devastating clusters of complex noise. Beautifully rendered with maximum dynamic range by LUPO's 45rpm cut!


"For Otomo, the piano is a big box of potential sound. But since he’s an obsessive sort, he really digs into certain of its corners, and dig he does; when this record doesn’t sound like a gonzo feedback extravaganza, it sounds like he’s cutting through the side of the instrument with a hand-held saw. Whatever the means he used to make the piano sound like that, he’s laid utter waste to the instrument’s conventional sonic associations. There are plenty of people out there making pianos sound like something other than pianos, but I can’t think of anyone else doing it with so much punk spirit and so little reference to any familiar piano vocabulary." - Bill Meyer, Still Single


Note: the Otomo Yoshihide Quintet/Sextet LP will ship at the same time.

Pressing Information

First pressing of 500.

Three colour screenprint sleeve designed by Paul Abbott and printed by Pat @ Heavyrock Screenprinting on archival quality card.

Mastered and cut by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at 45rpm and pressed at Record Industry in The Netherlands on high quality heavyweight vinyl.