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John Butcher - Winter Gardens Kukuruku

Kukuruku recordings have done a bang up job on this LP of solo saxophone recordings by John Butcher which includes both his acoustic playing and work with feedback (using the sax/pads to control the tones, vary resonance, etc). Presented on 180g vinyl and housed in a gorgeous fine paper sleeve with masterful screenprinting by Pat @ Heavryrock.


John Butcher plays Cafe OTO Wednesday 20 February 2013 with Okkyung Lee & John Edwards:
More infomation here


Label Description:

A solo album by saxophone virtuoso John Butcher featuring some of his most exceptional extended techniques which he has been developing during his career as a soloist as well as a member of some significant collaborative projects. Playing tenor & soprano saxophones, Butcher has developed a very unique style in free improvised music and composition, mostly by engaging with a sense of place through in situ performances and space resonance.

The album’s two longer tracks were recorded in December 2011 at St.Annes & St.Agnes Church in London by Simon Reynell (Another Timbre label) and document his acoustic solo while interacting with the environment’s natural feedback; evolving tonal patterns and harmonics of circular breathing, repetitive musical riffs and silent moments create an atmosphere with a special character.

Two shorter tracks in “Winter Gardens” document Butcher’s skills incorporating microphone feedbacks. Recorded in Milwaukee, October 2011, the result is resembling electronically synthesized sounds while resonances of different parts of the saxophone blend with oscillating re-amplified sounds.

Pressing Information

Limited edition
180g vinyl